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Real Estate

The Law office LUMOS professional lawyers provide all kinds of legal aid in the cases of purchase and sale of real estate, as well as in changes of status, including, with respect conducting of in-depth investigation of real estate (inter alia, regarding the issues on the risks and ownership restrictions), negotiation and processing of transactions (inter alia, of pre-contract, deposit contract, purchase contract, transaction account agreement, etc.), tax advice, representation of clients in real estate ownership disputes under out-of-court procedure and at court, as well as regarding the issues on the right in rem, for example, the establishment, amendment or cancellation of servitudes, division or merger of property, legal aspects of joint property, management, rent and lease (including forced lease).

Contract law

The Law office has a wealth of experience in providing legal aid in negotiation, preparation, harmonization and conclusion of the contracts of various degree of complexity in the interests of clients in a wide range of the spheres of commercial activities. We pay the utmost attention to the compliance of contract terms and conditions to the client’s interests and protection of confidential information (especially at the pre-contractual stage), explaining the potential risks to the client and offering solutions of specific problem situations, avoiding at the same time including of unnecessary formalities in the contracts and their excessive complication. Law office LUMOS professionals have extensive experience in bringing actions in the court in the cases of various breaches of the contracts, as well as in dispute settlement and contract termination in the client’s interests.


The Law office LUMOS professionals have sound experience much in advising clients – insurance companies, insurance brokers, as well as policyholder on various aspects of insurance law, preparing legal opinions, representing the interests of clients in the courts of the Republic of Latvia, as well as examining and preparing insurance contracts. In our practice, we have experienced various types of insurance, inter alia: credit, accident, land transport, ship, cargo insurance, property insurance against damage of fire and natural disasters, general liability insurance, insurance of securetyship and various financial losses, insurance of legal expenses and health, etc.

Labour law

The Law office LUMOS has a wealth of experience in advising of clients- employers and employees – in the field of labour law, inter alia, employment contracts and their termination, restriction of confidentiality and competition, personal data protection and relationships with trade unions. We offer to prepare or review the employment contracts, internal labour rules and regulations and other documents related to personnel management, as well as provide full-range legal representation in relationships with trade unions and representation in courts in the cases of individual and collective labour disputes.

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