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Data protection

The Law office LUMOS provides a full range of services to entrepreneurs in implementation of Data protection Regulation and other laws and regulations, inter alia, conducting development of documentation, advising and evaluating the requirements of data protection in the company and auditing. The assessment and implementation of data protection technical requirements accordingly to the client’s needs are carried out in co-operation with the leading companies in the field of information Technologies and security solutions. The presence of the data protection expert in the Law office provides additional guarantees that the prepared documents and solutions implemented by the Law office meet the requirements of the laws and regulations and are developed to satisfy individual needs of the client as much as possible. If necessary, the Law office lawyers provides the representation of both existing and new clients of the Law office in the disputes with authorities in data protection field.

Competition law

The professional lawyers of our Law office have extensive experience and expertise in competition law issues such as prohibited horizontal and vertical agreements, state aid, abuse of dominant position, merger of market participants, competition law audit. We prepare reports of mergers of market participants, legal opinions, carry out conformity assessment of internal documents and contracts of commercial companies with the laws and regulations in the field of competition law, as well as ensure representation of market participants in the Competition Council and Administrative Court.

Intellectual property law

The Law office LUMOS has a wealth of experience in issues regarding the registration and protection of subject matters of clients’ intellectual property In our practice, we have successfully provided legal advice, prepared various contracts and opinions, as well as represented the interests of clients in the Patent Office, Administrative Court and the Court of General Jurisdiction regarding the registration and cancellation of trademarks, designs and patents, proceeding on confusingly similar trademarks and domain names, illegal acquisition of technological assets, commercialization, exercise of rights regarding patients, trademarks, copyrights, commercial secrets, data confidentiality and security.

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