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Law firm in Latvia – LUMOS

Law firm in Latvia – LUMOS

Law firm LUMOS is a modern legal company in Latvia. The main specialization of law firm is the provision of a variety of legal services to legal entities and individuals.

Latvian Law firm in Riga

The scope of law firm includes addressing issues related to criminal, corporate, insolvency proceeding, as well as land and housing law. The qualified legal services provided by our leading experts will undoubtedly be the starting point for resolving your problems.

The main objective of our law firm in Latvia is to provide our clients with the quality assistance of professional lawyers. For these purposes, a team of specialists was selected, thoroughly versed in jurisprudence and able to solve any tasks assigned to it.
The services of a lawyer offered by our company will enable our clients to resolve complex disputes, sort out insoluble problems and get a full consultation on any legal issue of interest. We offer only what our client needs, without imposing anything superfluous on him, if he needs a simple consultation of a lawyer on issues of interest to him or representation of his interests in court, we are always happy to help him.

Preparation of procedural documents

Many people go to court on various issues. The success of the process started largely depends on documents that must comply with all the norms and the letter of the law. As a rule, an ordinary person is not able to deal with papers on his own: for this he does not have the time or the necessary qualifications. Of course, there are those who want to save on legal services, but the consequences of “amateur activity” can be sad. Specialists of our law firm in Riga, will not make mistakes in the documents.
Today, in everyday life, legal assistance is an integral part of existence in society, and if we talk about various problematic situations, then you can’t do without a lawyer. The guarantee of legal assistance is enshrined in the Constitution and other regulatory acts and is universal in nature. Unfortunately, the level of legal education among the population is low, so legal advice is especially in demand.

Legal support to business

First of all, legal advice involves an initial interview with a client in the field of law. During this conversation, the essence of the problem arises, an analysis of the situation is carried out, and the lawyer proposes ways of favorable resolution of the problem with a warning about all possible legal consequences. Each proposed action option is described in detail by a lawyer and explains possible scenarios.
Today it is difficult to imagine a successful company that conducts its business without professional legal support. Legal support of a business implies the conclusion of an appropriate contract with a law firm or the creation of its own accounting department. In small and medium-sized businesses, the best is a full-time lawyer. Neglect of legal support often leads to various problems and ultimately affects the reduction of enterprise income. Legal services are also important in the field of personnel work and accounting support.
No one is safe in life from situations where legal assistance will be not only desirable, but also vital. Therefore, the question of how to choose a law firm requires a detailed answer, because the outcome of the whole case will depend on the quality of legal assistance.

Things to look out for

A serious crisis situation forces business executives, especially small and medium ones, to search for ways to save money. In this situation, there is one solution that has long been successfully used by leading countries – outsourced legal services. Professional team and attorneys at law are available in Latvia, at law firm LUMOS.
Often the only place that can restore violated rights is the court. The law provides for the possibility of independent appeal to the courts, but practice shows that independent actions in conditions of insufficient legal literacy lead to disastrous consequences.
“Everyone must do his own thing” – this statement is well known to all. It is clear that a true specialist who has long learned the secrets of his profession and has rich experience will do his job much better than someone who has superficial knowledge. This is an axiom that does not require proof. After all, no one has a thought in his head, for example, to calculate the engineering structures of future structures or to repair complex high-voltage equipment. Why, then, is it often neglected by those who try to conduct legal disputes on their own.

Latvian Law office in Riga LUMOS


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