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LUMOS provides pro bono legal assistance to Obelisk Farm

LUMOS provides pro bono legal assistance to Obelisk Farm

LUMOS provides free legal assistance to the organic hemp producer Obelisk Farm, which has been growing hemp and its products for several years to produce various types of food and non-food products, and also encourages and develops the use of hemp production in new industries.

For several years, the products of the family business have been successfully sold in Latvia and especially on the European market, however, its situation was suddenly complicated by the position of the Food and Veterinary Service. The state institution, referring to the rules of the European Union regarding food products, has warned the company about the prohibition to sell tea made from hemp flowers. The company does not agree with this position and with the support of LUMOS will defend its interests in the Food and Veterinary Service and, if necessary, in court.

In recent years, the market for hemp products has experienced significant growth, and, according to economists, the innovative industry will continue to grow rapidly, as hemp and its products are gaining more recognition and are used in the production of food products, organic cosmetics, building materials, clothing, paper, biofuels and much more.

You can learn more about the activities and products of Obelisk Farm here –


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