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Insolvency proceedings of a German citizen declared in Latvia

By a judgment of the Riga District Court on July 21, 2020, the insolvency proceedings of a German citizen in Latvia were declared. The Court, evaluating the provisions of Regulation No. 2015/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Insolvency Regulation), concluded that the center of the debtor’s main interests is located in the Republic of Latvia.

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Insolvency proceedings of a legal person

Unlike the commencement of insolvency proceedings of natural persons, an application for insolvency proceedings of a legal person may be submitted to the court not only by the company itself, which is unable to settle its debts, but also by the company’s creditor and employee in cases specified by law.

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Contractual fraud against client successfully prevented

As a result of the work of attorneys and lawyers of the LUMOS office, the client has managed to receive the payment due from the customer within the framework of the construction contract. Turning to the law firm LUMOS, the client had found himself in an unenviable situation ­– on the basis of a construction contract, construction works had been performed on the real estate owned by the customer, but no payment had been rec...

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Successfully concluded factory purchase deal

RVR nekustamā īpašūma iegāde
A client of LUMOS office has successfully concluded a contract of purchase of real estate for the needs of the plant in the territory of the former Riga Train Wagon Building Plant in the amount of more than 500 thousand euros. Preparation and verification of transaction documentation, as well as identification of risks associated with the transaction, in the interests of the client were performed by the experts of LUMOS off...

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Covid-19: changes in creditor rights

Lumos Covid 19 Kreditoru Paradnieku
The state of emergency due to the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic also affects the relationship between creditors and debtors and the regulation of insolvency proceedings. The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia has adopted the Law “On Measures for Prevention and Management of the Threat to the State and Its Consequences Due to the Proliferation of Covid-19”, which significantly restricts the rights of creditors.

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Right to be forgotten

Modern human life is inconceivable without modern technology. Modern technology enables us not only to get information in a fast and easy way, but also to share it. However, such an advantage comes with a major challenge, especially with regard to the protection of personal data.

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Liability for Animal Damage – Regulation in Latvia

Atbildība par dzīvnieku nodarītiem kaitējumiem
Liability for Animal Damage – Regulation in Latvia, Draft Common Frame of Reference, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany Pet keeping has been widespread for a very long time, and as it can be seen every day, the tendency to keep pets has certainly not diminished nowadays. However, once a person chooses to keep a pet, the person also takes responsibility for the behavior of the pet and the harm it can do to others. The scope...

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