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Commercial law and reorganization of merchants

Commercial law issues are the daily routine of our clients, and activity of our Law office is unthinkable without successful their solving. Our legal services provide to the clients in commercial law field include execution of documentation and full-range advising regarding all kinds of matters of foundation and registration, convening the meetings of participants and decision making, defence of minority shareholders, as well as preparing contracts and settlement of disputes between the members, inter alia, in relations with the Register of Enterprises and other public authorities in out-of-court and court processes in Latvia. The attorneys at law of our Law office can be proud of the experience in conducting of voluminous and complex reorganization processes, resolving of raiderism and other complex problem situations in Latvia.

Insolvency and liquidation

The Law office LUMOS is one of the leading law offices in Latvia in the field of bankruptcy law and provides high-ended legal aid to both Latvian and foreign clients, guaranteeing the conduct of insolvency cases of natural persons, advising the legal persons before declaring the insolvency proceedings and support in the course of insolvency proceedings, preparation and managing of the legal defence proceedings and out-of-court legal defence proceedings, as well as al, kinds legal aid in settling disputes with insolvency administrators, creditors and other parties involved in proceedings. The attorneys of the Law offices have extensive experience in the liquidation of credit institutions, including the guaranteeing the protection of the interests of foreign creditors and depositors. The fact that the Law office has a practicing ensures the possibly complete knowledge in insolvency proceedings and capability to provide to clients the highest quality legal assistance available in the respective field in Latvia.

Insolvency Procedure for Individuals in Latvia

The Law office LUMOS provides all necessary legal assistance in the insolvency procedure for individuals, including analysis of documents, preparation of an application for the court and a plan for covering obligations, ensuring communication with the liquidator in the insolvency process, the court and creditors, as well as protecting the interests of clients in disputes with persons involved in the procedure in Latvia. The Law office LUMOS lawyers team includes practicing insolvency administrators and their legal assistants, which provides comprehensive and in-depth experience in managing insolvency cases and allows us to confidently and effectively solve problematic situations that arise during the insolvency process. The Law office LUMOS successfully provides legal assistance not only to citizens of Latvia, but also to citizens of other countries of the European Union, who take advantage of Latvian legislation to have their cases adjudicated in Latvia in accordance with the provisions of the EU Insolvency Regulation.

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